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Site Types

The draft classification of site types is a preliminary list developed during the establishment of AHAD. It will be refined in later versions of the archive. 

Domestic Any site used for residential purposes
Urban Residential sites in urban and suburban areas
Terrace One of a row of dwellings
Cottage Small free-standing dwelling
House Moderate to large free-standing urban dwelling
Rural Residential sites in rural and remote areas
Homestead Moderate to large free-standing rural dwelling
Staff quarters Dwelling for staff
Camp Campsite for transient or semi-transient accommodation
Industrial Any site used for industrial purposes
Manufacturing Site used to make products
Metal craft trades Metal crafts workshop (eg blacksmith’s shop, engineer)
Pottery Ceramic factory and/or kiln site.
Food Manufacturing site for the commercial production or food or beverages.
Mining Site of mineral extraction or primary processing
Pastoral Used for or related to the keeping or grazing of sheep or cattle
Infrastructure Infrastructure or utilities management, eg dam or sewage outlet
Commercial Site used for commercial transactions, the sale or distribution of goods or produce, and other clerical work
Shop Premises used for the sale of goods or produce
Office Premises used for the administration and management of a commercial business
Warehouse Premises used for the distribution of goods or produce
Shipwreck Site of the wreck of a ship used to transport goods or people on a commercial basis
Institution Government- or church-run welfare service
Hospital Place for the medical treatment of sick or injured people
Asylum Place for the refuge and care of the poor, aged or infirm
Gaol Place for the incarceration of prisoners
Municipal Site of municipal management, administration or service.
Military Site used for a range of military activities
Defence Primary site of defence
Accommodation Site used to accommodate military personnel
Ceremonial Sites used for ceremonial or religious purposes
Church Primary place of worship in any religious faith
Burial ground Cemetery or burial place
Other Other site type not classified above
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