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Class Definition
Ceramic Refined earthenware, stoneware, porcelain and porcellaneous and other domestic-grade ceramics. Typically excludes ceramic building materials (brick, pipe etc), clay pipes, ceramic dolls, marbles and other ‘miscellaneous’ items.
Glass Clear and coloured glass from bottles, tablewares, lamps, windows and other domestic-grade glass. Typically excludes glass buttons, beads and other ‘miscellaneous’ items.
Metal Robust remains of alloy metal domestic objects including nails, furnishing pins & tacks, cans and unidentified fragments. Typically excludes small fragile items such as jewellery elements.
Miscellaneous Fragile or ‘small finds’ (e.g. buttons, beads, jewellery elements, pins & needles) from a range of miscellaneous material types including worked bone and shell, leather, synethics, and composite items. Typically includes clay pipes, children’s toys and coins. Typically excludes robust or heavy items.
Organic Unworked bone, shell, stone, mineral or other ‘ecofact’
Building Materials Large, coarse fragments of building materials or architectural elements including brick, sewerage pipes, roof tiles, door jambs, plaster & mortar. Typically excludes nails and window glass.

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