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New feature – OAI-PMH & more!

by on February 21, 2012

We’ve just put the finishing touches on the new OAI-PMH system. tDAR now has a fully functioning OAI-PMH server, a native xml format for describing datasets and collections (with people and institutions handled natively as a bonus), and a set of privacy controls at the user level allowing users to control access to their email and phone numbers.

I have tested this with jOAI harvester and the results are good. Here’s an example:

<tdar:institution xmlns:tdar=”; xmlns=”; xmlns:xsi=””&gt;

<tdar:name>La Trobe University</tdar:name>


There aren’t a lot of details present here, but Institutions are barely first class entities in tDAR. More work can be done later to add members. Alternatively, a schema that supports backreferencing will be able to take the connection in the following example person record and use it to enhance the Institution record automatically.

<tdar:person xmlns:tdar=”; xmlns=”; xmlns:xsi=””&gt;

<tdar:description>Transient Codebreaker</tdar:description>

<tdar:name>La Trobe University</tdar:name>




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