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tDAR Partnership

by on October 13, 2011

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with Digital Antiquity‘s software development team, the creators of the Digital Archaeological Record (tDAR). tDAR was launched in 2010 to preserve the data and documents produced by archaeological projects past and present. The digital repository provides access to reports, published papers, databases, spreadsheets, documents and images in a variety of formats.

We will be utilising tDAR architecture to manage file uploads, data preservation, user registration and project (and site) metadata.  We will be enhancing the data integration and ontology features to build AHAD.

The enhancements of the tDAR software produced for the SC18 project will not produce a “fork” of the tDAR codebase, rather they are being contributed to the mainstream of tDAR’s development. Both the tDAR repository and the AHAD repository will be running the exact same software. Where the two services operate differently, this will be achieved by slight changes to the configuration of the software. This approach will help to ensure that the features developed for the Australian Historical Archaeology Database will remain viable long term, enjoying ongoing maintenance and enhancement from the Digital Antiquity team.

The major functions of the product are intended to be:

  • Allow for ingest of various data associated with historical archaeology (artefacts, stratigraphy, images, reports, primary historical documents, etc)
  • Allow for ingest of catalogue data recorded in diverse range of systems
  • Allow for custom fields and data wherever possible
  • Allow for custom vocabularies
  • Categorise data contents to enable segregation of core and advanced data sets
  • Live data-entry and editing
  • Include any data that is relevant to historical archaeology

We look forward to collaborating with the team!



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